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2017 Primary Liberty City Endorsements

Liberty City Democratic Club is proud to announce our Endorsement of the following candidates:

Superior Court

Carolyn Nichols #2, Geoffrey Moulton #3, Maria McLaughlin #4

Commonwealth Court

Ellen Ceisler #9, Todd Eagan #10

Court of Common Pleas

Stella Tsai #13, Vikki Kristiansson #14

Henry McGregor Sias #18

Elect the rst trans man judge in the nation!

Mark Cohen #23, Dan Sulman #24, Zac Shaffer #31, Danyl Patterson #38, Lucretia Clemons #40

Municipal Court

Marissa Brumbach #45, George Twardy #46

District Attorney

Larry Krasner #57


2017 Primary Endorsement Questionnaires

Check out the endorsement questionnaires before out April 12th, 2017 Endorsement Meeting!

Fall Endorsement Schedule and Questionnaires

The deadline for candidates to submit a questionnaire to be considered for the Liberty City Democratic Club endorsement for the November election is September 19, 2016. Candidates who were endorsed in the Primary Election do not need to re-apply for endorsement. Candidate questionnaires can be downloaded from the links below. A date for the endorsement meeting will be announced shortly.

LCDC_2016 State Candidate Questionnaire

LCDC_2016 Federal Candidate Questionnaire

Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club Endorses Hillary Clinton, Katie McGinty and candidates in 19 other Races

Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club Endorses Hillary Clinton, Katie McGinty and candidates in 19 other Races

Philadelphia, PA – On Wednesday night, March 23, Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club, the premier lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender political organization in Philadelphia, endorsed Hillary Clinton for President of the United States and Katie McGinty for United States Senator in the upcoming Pennsylvania Primary Election taking place on April 26.

The endorsement meeting took place at the Wiliam Way LGBT Center in Philadelphia and was attended by dozens of Liberty City members. Endorsements were also made in 19 other races. See full list below.

“Liberty City is proud to endorse Hillary Clinton for President of the United States,” said LCDC Co-Chair Tony Campisi. “Hillary has been a lifelong advocate for equality for all, and has been a vocal advocate for LGBT rights throughout her career. We are confident she will be a president who will work for full equality for all Americans.”
“As an organization fighting to make LGBT voices heard in the political process, we are thrilled to endorse Katie McGinty,” said Anne Wakabayashi,Co-Chair of LCDC. “In the Senate, Katie will be a strong ally for the LGBT community. She will bring LGBT Pennsylvanians to the table, and advocate for justice and opportunity in the workplace, for our families, and everywhere in between.”
Others endorsed include Dwight Evans for the 2nd Congressional District, Mary Ellen Balchunis for the 7th Congressional District and Josh Shapiro for Pennsylvania Attorney General.

“This year we had an embarrassment of riches in the candidates that came before us for endorsement.” said Wade Albert, Co-chair of the LCDC Endorsement Committee. “Every candidate we endorsed came to us ready to speak to the broad spectrum of issues that face our community, and also listen to the concerns of our members. We are excited to work with this group of candidates who will not only be supporters of our community but advocates for our issues.”
For State Senate, the following earned the group’s endorsement: Larry Farnese (1st), Sharif Street, (3rd) Martin Molloy (9th) and Daylin Leach (17th).

In the State House races, LCDC endorsed candidates in 12 races, including openly gay incumbent Brian Sims (182nd) and long-time LGBT champion Mark Cohen (202nd). Newcomers endorsed include Chris Rabb (200th) and Movita Johnson-Harrell (190th).

The co-chairs were pleased with the process. “Even in the middle of some passionate debate supporting opposing candidates, the level of civility and discourse was great to see, as always at Liberty City.  We know that not all members supported every candidate that was endorsed, but that speaks strongly about the openness of the process and the diversity of opinions represented by this organization,” Campisi and Wakabayashi said in a joint statement.

The club will now begin to implement an aggressive “get-out-the-vote” operation on behalf of all Liberty City endorsed candidates.

Here is the complete slate of Liberty City endorsements for the primary election on April 26:

-President – Hillary Clinton

-U.S. Senate – Katie McGinty

-2nd Congressional District – Dwight Evans
-7th Congressional District – Mary Ellen Balchunis

-PA Attorney General – Josh Shapiro

-State Senate District 1 – Larry Farnese
-State Senate Disrtict 3 – Sharif Street
-State Senate District 9 – Martin Molloy
-State Senate District 17 – Daylin Leach

-State House District 154 – Stephen McCarter
-State House District 164 – Sekela Coles
-State House District 175 – Mike O’Brien
-State House District 177 – Joe Hohenstein
-State House District 181 – W. Curtis Thomas
-State House District 182 – Brian Sims
-State House District 190 – Movita Johnson-Harrell
-State House District 191 – Joanna McClinton
-State House District 194 – Pam DeLissio
-State House District 195 – Donna Bullock
-State House District 200 – Christopher Rabb
-State House District 202 – Mark Cohen
Liberty City is a progressive, membership-based, political action committee serving the greater Philadelphia region that works within the Democratic Party to achieve and sustain economic and social equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons.

2012 Primary Election Endorsed Candidates

Below is the official slate of endorsed candidates for the Primary Election on April 24, 2012.  You can print out this list and take it with you when you vote.

President of the United States

  • President Barack Obama

Attorney General

  • Patrick Murphy

Auditor General

  • Representative Eugene DePasquale

Pennsylvania State Senate

  • Senator Larry Farnese, 1st District

Pennsylvania State House

  • Steve McCarter – 154th District (Montgomery County)
  • Representative Mike O’Brien – 175th District
  • Brian Sims – 182nd District
  • Jordan Harris – 186th District
  • Fatimah Muhammad – 188th District
  • Representative Vanessa Lowry-Brown – 190th District
  • Andrew Kleeman – 195th District
  • Malik Boyd – 198th District
  • Representative Cherelle Parker – 200th District
  • Representative Mark Cohen – 202nd District


Liberty City Makes Fall Endorsements

Liberty City Makes Fall Endorsements

On October 6, the General Membership of Liberty City held its Fall Candidates Night and Endorsement meeting.  Approximately 50 members of the community came out to hear candidates for office speak and then to vote on our fall endorsements.  Our Co-Chair, Lee Carson, opened the meeting and presented announcements.  After that he introduced Cei Bell, a member of the Endorsement Committee, who moderated our candidate’s discussion.

We first heard from Councilman Bill Greenlee, who was not endorsed by Liberty City in the primary.  Greenlee is an incumbent At-large Councilperson and is one of 5 incumbents running for 5 available seats.  Since the organization endorsed two challengers in the Primary Election, out lesbian Sherrie Cohen and community activist Andy Toy, two incumbent councilmembers were not endorsed, including Councilman Greenlee.  Now that the primary election has passed, and the two challengers did not win, we were able to reconsider Greenlee for endorsement.  Greenlee addressed the membership and reiterated his work with the Human Relations Commission to strengthen our Fair Practices Ordinance.  After he spoke, the membership unanimously voted to endorse him in the fall election.

1st District Council candidate Mark Squilla spoke next.  He also competed for our endorsement in the primary election, but the membership endorsed candidate Joe Grace, who came in second place in a four person race.  Squilla won the Primary Election to replace Councilman Frank DiCicco.  Even though he is running unopposed in the General Election, he nevertheless appeared once again before Liberty City to earn our endorsement.  He reiterated his opposition to selling city owned land to the Boy Scouts as well as his opposition to gender markers on SEPTA trans passes.  A member asked if he supported the earned sick leave bill that Mayor Nutter vetoed. He said that he would not support it in its current form because he doesn’t believe it will pass, but would consider supporting a bill with revised language.  After discussion by the membership, Squilla was overwhelmingly endorsed.

We then heard from Keith Collins who is running for Delaware County Council.  He told us that no Democrat has been elected to Delco’s Council in 40 years.  He plans to fight for a countywide Human Relations Ordinance much like what we have in Philadelphia.  The organization also voted to Endorse Mr. Collins.

Municipal Court Judge James DeLeon spoke on behalf of himself and all of the judges running for retention this fall.  Every 10 years a sitting judge must appear on the ballot in a retention election.  Retention elections are nonpartisan yes/no elections in which voters decide whether sitting judges should continue to serve for another term.  After much discussion, the membership decided not to endorse any judicial retention candidates because we had no information about any of the individual candidates appearing on the ballot.

Three candidates who we endorse in the Primary and won their election returned and spoke to thank us for our support.  They were Councilman Bill Green ity Commissioner candidate Stephanie Singer and Common Pleas Judicial candidate Carolyn Nichols. Each will appear on our slate of endorsed candidates for the fall election.

Finally, Al Schmidt, the Republican candidate for City Commissioner addressed the membership.  It was made clear to him that he was not eligible for our endorsement since he was running on the Republican ticket.  Allowing Schmidt to speak was consistent with past practices of allowing Green Party and independent candidates an opportunity to speak.  After Mr. Schmidt spoke, one member requested that we reconsider that policy and argued that Republicans should not be allowed to speak before the membership of what is a Democratic Party organization.  The Co-chair said the board will look into the policy of who gets to speak before the General Membership.

Liberty City is interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter.  Should Republicans be banned from speaking before Liberty City, since our mission is to elect LGBT supportive Democrats?  What about independent candidates or other progressives from the Green Party or other third parties?  Let us know in the comment section below what you think, and the Board will take it into consideration when we next meet.

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