Liberty City Democratic Cub Committees

All committees are chaired by a member of the Board of Directors. Chairs of committees shall be appointed by the Board Co-Chairs and approved by the Board. Committee chairs shall serve for a one year period and a maximum of four (4) years. All Liberty City members in good standing are eligible for and encouraged to serve on a committee. The board co-chairs shall serve as ex-officio members of all committees.

Communications Committee

The duties of the Communications Committee include: Maintaining the website; Preparing mailings and e-mails; Creating and sending press releases; and Execute other duties agreed upon by the Committee and the Board.

Communications Committee Members:
Marion Leary, Co-Chair
Mark Dobbins, Co-Chair
Gary Hines
Daniel Kocher
Lauren Neuman
Nathan Townsend
Max Weisman

Endorsement Committee

The duties of the Endorsement Committee include:

Identifying the candidates for endorsement consideration; Developing, in conjunction with the Policy & Advocacy Committee, a questionnaire to be used during the process; Sending questionnaires to all eligible candidates; Receiving and review all questionnaires returned; Developing a list of recommended endorsements and present them for approval by the General Membership in accordance with Article X of these by-laws; Working with the Co-Chairs to ensure that members are properly notified of the endorsement and candidate night meetings; Notifying the endorsed candidates of their endorsement; and Preparing and distribute a press release, membership mailing, and public notices of the endorsed candidates.

Endorsement Committee
Wade Albert, Co-Chair
Members: Cei Bell, Sharron Cooks, David Feldman, Kathy Gomez, Sara Jacobson, Jason Lewis, Kerry Smith

Fundraising Committee

The duties of the Fundraising Committee include:

Developing and fully implement a minimum of two (2) fundraising events each year, including special events, direct mail appeals, and telephone solicitations; Providing an announcement and information to the general membership regarding all fundraising events; Recruiting volunteers for events; and Providing a final report to the Board of Directors and the membership on the status of each fundraising event.

Membership Development Committee

The duties of the Membership Development Committee include:

Recruiting and retain new members; Reactivating and renew lapsed members; Managing registration at all membership meetings; Developing and maintaining a fact sheet for prospective members; Distributing a welcome letter for new members and a renewal letter for those members whose membership is due to expire; and carrying out other duties as set forth by the Board of Directors and/or the membership.

Membership Committee
Stephanie Haynes, Co-Chair
Malcolm Kenyatta, Co-Chair

Policy and Advocacy Committee

The duties of the Policy & Advocacy Committee include:

Researching and developing a policy platform for Liberty City to be approved by the General Membership; Ensuring that members of the organization are aware of and understand the major legislative and public policy issues that are important to Liberty City Democrats; Researching and tracking legislation and public policy initiatives; Collaborating with other committees, especially the Endorsement Committee; Preparing emails, alerts, and newsletter materials as necessary; and Organizing and staffing information tables at LGBT and other appropriate venues such as street fairs, and general membership meetings.

Policy & Advocacy Committee

Rhone Fraser, Co-Chair
Lauren Vidas, Co-Chair

Board Development Committee

The Duties of the Board Development Committee include:

Recruiting and cultivating active members to eventually serve on the Board of Directors; Developing a slate of nominees to be elected to the Board of Directors each year in compliance with process outlined in these by-laws; Working to ensure that the board is representative of the general membership, the LGBT community at large, and is racially diverse; and Developing a slate of Endorsement Committee members to be approved by the board in accordance with Article X Section 2.

Board Development Committee
Lauren Vidas, Chair

GOTV/Campaign Committee

The Duties of the GOTV/Campaign Committee include:

Implementing Liberty City’s GOTV plan, which may include producing and distributing a slate card of endorsed candidates; Working with endorsed candidates to distribute their literature; Managing phone banks; Preparing mailings; and Overseeing other methods of engaging LGBT and allied voters.

GOTV Committee
Mason Lane, Co-Chair
Ali Perelman, Co-Chair
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