In the summer of 2012, The Board of Directors of Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club asked its Policy and Advocacy Committee to develop a list of top policy priorities to guide the work of the organization.


In developing this Issues Agenda, Liberty City sought to center the experiences of people too often marginalized in our community – transgender and non-conforming people, LGBT people of color, poor and working class members of our community, our youth and elders, and lesbians.


To achieve that goal, the committee spent months meeting with diverse community members and hosting workshops in an effort to identify policy priorities from the broader Philadelphia LGBT community.


The committee then presented a proposed Issues Agenda’s Statement of Principles divided into 10 themes to the Liberty City membership at the Annual Meeting and Priorities Convention on February 2, 2013.


At the five-hour Convention, Liberty City members discussed and debated each Statement of Principle in small working groups, and then presented their changes (if any) to the larger group for further discussion and adoption.


We hope the Issues Agenda 2013 will help us to achieve our organizational mission, which is to achieve and sustain economic and social equality for LGBT people by:


  1. helping to organize the greater Philadelphia region LGBT community into a political voice;

  2. bringing the issues of LGBT civil rights to the forefront of political agendas, platforms, legislators, candidates and campaigns;

  3. lobbying for legislation which upholds the civil rights of LGBT people;

  4. building coalitions with other organizations to take progressive stands on economic and social issues; and

  5. endorsing and supporting candidates for political office in the greater Philadelphia region who reflect the values, needs and interests of our community.

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